This Week In Zoology Meets Sunday Cooking With Crys

It’s winter, and for those of us who do not live smack in the middle of a giant metropolis, it is always nice to help the birds who did not migrate to warmer climates make it through the season. You can buy those funny smelling balls of birdfeed and hang them in your garden to give them a boost, but for those of you who live in countries in which they are not so widely sold, did you know that you can also make your own?

Well I didn’t know until today, but I came across a great recipe for what I am now calling birdfeed balls on a conservation and animal rights website.

The recipe is in Italian, however, so I have translated it for you here. I happen to have all of these ingredients in my house already save one, so I think I might be cooking for the birds this Christmas too, because why not.


So, for your very own homemade birdfeed balls, you need:

125gr of wheat flour

250gr cornmeal/polenta

125gr sugar

250gr vegetable margarine


That makes the base of your birdfeed ball. You can then add any of the following things, though you need to add at least one of them to make these worthwhile food for our feathery friends:

A big handful of unsalted sunflower seeds, with shell

1/2 cup of raw rice

A big handful of puffed rice (the kind you feed dogs)


A diced apple


Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl, melt the margarine and pour it over the lot. Mix them all together, then roll the dough into balls that are slightly smaller than a tennis ball, without pressing them too hard, and let it solidify.

And that’s all! You can hang these birdfeed balls in your garden, or leave them on your fence, or perched between some tree branches, and you have done the birds in your neighborhood a favor.

And hopefully had a bit of fun while doing it, too. I mean, who doesn’t like feeding birds? Just remember, so long as it’s not white bread.


  1. inquisitiveraven says

    Ugh, margarine? I’d class that with white bread. While you need a solid (or at least semi-solid) fat in your birdfeed balls, suet is probably a better choice.

    • thoughtsofcrys says

      People on the website have said this, but the author replied that an animal-based fat is unsuitable to the birds’ diet, and that vegetable-based margarine does not harm them…

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