That One Snuck Up On Me

I woke up Friday feeling a little queasy, but I figured it was just a little indigestion from the night before. A couple hours later, I realized that was wishful thinking. My fever spiked and down came Crys. Hello intestinal flu my old friend, it’s been a few years since I’ve had the unique displeasure of having to suffer through you.

24 hours of Hell followed, and then I was feeling better. So much better that, last night, I thought I could finally eat some vegetables, right?


So today I hobbled into work at 1pm, my eyes weighing a half a tonne each, after having nibbled my way through a plate of plain salty pasta. Luckily I had some at home, as I couldn’t get to the supermarket on Saturday, and needless to say my Sunday cooking was cancelled. My absence from the network was unexpected and unplanned, and I have a few discussions lined up that I wanted to get to over the weekend which I hope to start working on asap. I’m feeling a little better now, so hopefully I’ll manage soon.

So, yea, sorry about that.


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