Not To Be a Party Pooper…

Today the US celebrates Thanksgiving. I know that it is many people’s favorite holiday there, and I have had Thanksgivings in the past that I enjoyed and remember fondly. However, I still think that the historical context of the holiday needs to be remembered, regardless of how it has morphed over the years, especially in the light of the continuing suppression of Native American rights and the military tactics that are being used against people of Standing Rock.


I’m really not trying to be a party pooper. If you enjoy gathering with your family, eating awesome food and taking a moment to be thankful for what you have in this life that’s great. I’m just asking for some awareness of what has been done, and what continues to be done to a cultural minority in the United States. You have to start with an acknowledgement of such things if you ever hope to change them, and to not repeat historical mistakes and atrocities.

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