What Do You Think About Identity Murder?

A recent horrifying case of partner violence in Italy has sparked a discussion about the law, and whether or not the destruction of someone’s identity should be recognized as another form of murder.

The case involves a woman by the name of Carla Caiazzo, a young woman who was stalked and brutally assaulted by her ex for having the audacity to leave him while she was pregnant with his child. Paolo Pietropaolo stalked his ex girlfriend and, upon discovering that she was seeing another man, cornered her and set her on fire in her car while she was 8 months pregnant with his child.

She managed to extinguish the flames, first on her abdomen in a desperate attempt to save the life of her baby, and then on the rest of her body. Amazingly they both survived, her baby was delivered prematurely in a local hospital, and she has had 21 surgeries and is scheduled for more to deal with her extensive injuries.

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That One Snuck Up On Me

I woke up Friday feeling a little queasy, but I figured it was just a little indigestion from the night before. A couple hours later, I realized that was wishful thinking. My fever spiked and down came Crys. Hello intestinal flu my old friend, it’s been a few years since I’ve had the unique displeasure of having to suffer through you.

24 hours of Hell followed, and then I was feeling better. So much better that, last night, I thought I could finally eat some vegetables, right?


So today I hobbled into work at 1pm, my eyes weighing a half a tonne each, after having nibbled my way through a plate of plain salty pasta. Luckily I had some at home, as I couldn’t get to the supermarket on Saturday, and needless to say my Sunday cooking was cancelled. My absence from the network was unexpected and unplanned, and I have a few discussions lined up that I wanted to get to over the weekend which I hope to start working on asap. I’m feeling a little better now, so hopefully I’ll manage soon.

So, yea, sorry about that.

That Includes You, Milo

Yet another article that has made me define 2016 as April Fool’s Year. True, I do not usually hate myself enough to put myself through regularly reading things written by Milo Yiannopoulos, nor much of anything that is posted on Breitbart, and I am sure that there are many things there that I would find ridiculous enough to double check the date on my calendar. But when I saw a shared article entitled Animals That Are Not Delicious or Useful Deserve to Be Extinct, I simply couldn’t help myself.

Step 1: Source check. It is not the Onion, nor the Daily Mash, but rather Breitbart. O.K.

Step 2: Date check. It was originally posted in August. Oh well… here goes.

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Not To Be a Party Pooper…

Today the US celebrates Thanksgiving. I know that it is many people’s favorite holiday there, and I have had Thanksgivings in the past that I enjoyed and remember fondly. However, I still think that the historical context of the holiday needs to be remembered, regardless of how it has morphed over the years, especially in the light of the continuing suppression of Native American rights and the military tactics that are being used against people of Standing Rock.


I’m really not trying to be a party pooper. If you enjoy gathering with your family, eating awesome food and taking a moment to be thankful for what you have in this life that’s great. I’m just asking for some awareness of what has been done, and what continues to be done to a cultural minority in the United States. You have to start with an acknowledgement of such things if you ever hope to change them, and to not repeat historical mistakes and atrocities.

The Difference Between Racism and Classism

In talking about white privilege and racial slurs, Franchesca “Chescaleigh” Ramsey talks about the historical context of words like “cracker”, “redneck” and “white trash”.


Her point may seem obvious to some, but it is an important message to spread as for many it is not. Racism and classism are often jumbled together, and it is important to unpack the two into separate categories, while at the same time acknowledging that they can and do intersect. White privilege exists, as does Wealth privilege, but just because all white people don’t have both doesn’t negate the existence of their privilege, and just because some people of color are wealthy doesn’t mean that their race is obliterated in the eyes of everyone they encounter in their lives.

As she says in the video you can change your class but you can’t change your race, and the fact that it is slightly easier for white people to change their class in society is at the heart of how poor white people have white privilege, usually without even realizing it.

Sunday Cooking With Crys: Romanian Lamb

For this Sunday’s Romanian cooking spree, I decided to make two lamb dishes from the excellent lamb sold in Turkish shops here in Germany. One is a ciorba, a soup that precedes almost every Romanian meal, whether it is winter or summer. There are many different kinds of ciorba, but this one is a classic cabbage and lamb variety. The other is a simple yet delicious lamb and potato stew. Neither of these recipes look like much, but you would be surprised at how combining very simple ingredients can result in a more complex flavor than you would expect from just reading the recipe.

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America’s Stolen Generation

I didn’t know this happened, and yet I am completely unsurprised. I’m not sure which of those statements is more depressing.

I knew that the US had done numerous things to the Native American population to put them down and steal their land. However, I did not know that there were thousands of children ripped from their homes and forced into boarding schools, in order to create a generation of Native Americans deprived of their culture and heritage, to be beaten and raped in the process.


The process of “getting them young” is not a uniquely American idea, of course. This was also done most famously in Australia, are is known as the “stolen generations“. I don’t really have too much to say or add, as the unfairness of it all, and the blatant disregard for humanity of it all, just makes me tonguetied and angry.

One thing I will say. Any show of solidarity or justice towards the Native Americans at this point is surely too little too late, but you can’t start any earlier than today. If you think that enough is goddamned enough, and it is about time to start treating Native Americans fairly and with dignity and respect, you have to stand with Standing Rock.

Having to State the Obvious

Most of us live in a bubble of one kind or the other. Sometimes it is a cultural bubble, if the people that we interact with on a day-to-day basis were all born and raised in the same culture. Sometimes it is a class bubble, if we do not know anyone who makes significantly more or less money than we or our parents did. Sometimes it is a liberal or a conservative bubble, if all of the people that we speak to happen to generally share the same views.

Regardless of the bubble you live in, it is important to be aware of it as the limited view of the world that it is, and that many if not most people in the world do not share your perspective and experience. Sometimes, this means having to share and state things that seem so obvious to you that at first glance you think they barely deserve a second one, let alone repeating.

It is my liberal bubble that almost made me skate over a blogpost published by the ACLU entitled “No, Seeing a Transgendered Person Is Not a Reason to Call 911“. Yeah no shit, I thought, and kept scrolling for a few seconds before I recognized this for the nearsighted reaction that it was.

No. Most unfortunately, it is not obvious to many people. While that may be an incredibly sad truth, it is still a fact, as one Meagan discovered when someone called 911 and had her arrested for trying to check into a hotel on her way to a funeral while being transgender.

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