Ah, Crap

In a town in South Carolina, there has been something of a bee genocide. After 4 confirmed cases of Zika virus, someone in local government must have given the go ahead to spray insecticide from a plane over the town, which also killed all the bees in the area. Locals say they were not informed ahead of time, so clearly the local bee keepers were ruined in a day, in one bad decision.


Declining bee populations is a huge threat to our agriculture and food supply, and unfortunately they also happen to be quite delicate as far as insects go. Insecticides which may fail to eradicate mosquitos or other pests will wreak havoc on bees. Now I don’t necessarily expect some suit in South Carolina local government to know that. However, I would expect them to go through some kind of process, one that involved an environmental consultant, and informing the public thus giving the bee keepers the possibility to warn them what could happen if they spray the entire town with poison. But this “oops, sorry for the collateral damage”?

I understand the need to control mosquito populations. I’m not one of those people who thinks that killing off mosquitos is murder. However, there is a right way to do it. Granted, it is more complicated than just flying a plane over a town and dumping insecticide over everyone’s heads, but there’s a reason why we haven’t been able to eradicate mosquito-transmitted illnesses yet: they are hardy little bastards and a certain amout of care is necessary. I hope that some investigative journalism uncovers who exactly was responsible for this. Once their names come out, I doubt they’ll keep their seats much longer.


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