PinkNews Needs To Pull The Stick Out Of Their Butt

Today is Let’s Disagree With Titles Day. This morning, it was about a woman taking “extreme measures” in protecting her son from police brutality. Now, it’s PinkNews that is in my crosshairs, with the eyeroll-worthy title Pokèmon Go adult film parody is the epitome of poor taste.

The people over at PinkNews need to get over themselves. First of all, the simple fact that the trailer in qestion was posted on YouTube should give you an idea as to how far from XXX rated it actually is. Just in case you were wondering though, I’m going to repost it here anyway.


That was the mildest sex-related parody I have ever seen in my life. They said fuck once, or maybe twice, and that was about it. Your average beer or car commerical is more explicit than that was. The epitome of bad taste? Really? Try saving that epithet for things which might actually deserve it. Say, for instance, Charlie Hebdo making fun of the earthquake victims in Italy mere days after it happened or, if you insist on the “epitome of bad taste” being sex related, how about one of the countless Holocaust-related porn movies out there?

Now I know that, in both cases, the use of hyperbolic language in post titles is done in an effort to be clickbaity. While I am aware of this, I still think that it speaks to a mentality that irks me.

I do not think that the people at PinkNews really think that this video is the epitome of bad taste. However, I also think that they only get away with such a title because the video in question makes the most causal, passing reference to gay sex. If PinkNews had featured any standard beer or car commerical, which was far sexier than anything you saw in the video above, and called it “the epitome of bad taste”, the degree of backlash and cries of “prudes!” and “feminazis!” would have been staggering. While hyperbole for the sake of clickbait is allowed somewhat online, there is a limit to how far most sites will go. Apparently, we’re still in a place where making a mild throwaway reference to gay sex can still be characterized as bad taste without anyone kicking up too much of a fuss.

Well, as far as I’m concerned, PinkNews needs to let go of the pearls, get off the fainting couch and lay off the smelling salts because yes, there are gay people and yes, they get to make fun of Pokèmon, Harry Potter, and any other ’90s childhood throwback that they like. Get over it.



  1. cartomancer says

    I didn’t see this headline as an example of prudery or straight-laced dismissiveness myself. It seemed more like an evocation of campy cattiness, in the well-worn vein of Kenny Everett or any number of drag acts.

    After all, the article it headlines isn’t particularly negative about the porn parody. Indeed, it’s almost an advertisement for the film’s existence. I don’t think it’s going too far to say that it even celebrates the film by playing along with the conceit – the whole idea of a pokemon-themed porn parody is ridiculous and tongue-in-cheek. Part of the charm comes from the fact that the parody flies in the face of what is traditionally considered apt material for porn. I think “taste” here is more about the predilections of serious cultural critics than about decency and offensiveness. It’s about gently needling people who take porn way too seriously, and creating a frisson of so-bad-it’s-good guilty pleasure around the enterprise.

    As for the video itself not being especially explicit – that’s the youtube-safe trailer. The actual film (and the not-safe-for-youtube trailer), obviously, is. And the title doesn’t say “this trailer is the epitome of bad taste”, it refers to the actual film.

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