Wasn’t Sure Where That Was Going…

While I found this ad very amusing at first, I wasn’t sure where it was going.


Turns out, it was even more awesome than I originally thought. While your kids finding your dildos and thinking they’re swords will result in nothing more than an embarrassing conversation, kids finding and playing with your gun can result in far more devastating consequences.

All round, excellent ad, and very worth sharing.


  1. says

    But how will I defend myself from the midnight burglar (aka my kid 10 years later or some poor soul who had a car accident or a drunk kid who rings the wrong door bell) if I properly lock up my guns, with ammunition stored separately?
    Oh, right, I don’t have any guns and never will. Because reasons, like actually enjoying life.

  2. says

    I actually did that. My parents were a bit … odd when I showed them the cool clear balloon I found, and filled with water – it was like a LENS in the sunlight! I had no idea they made clear balloons like that!

    I didn’t figure it out until a bunch of years later.

  3. says

    Thing is, we’re not making a particular effort to hide those things. We told the kids that these are condoms, they are so mum and dad won’t make any more babies, this toy is mummy’s fun toy. You keep your fingers off, some things ain’t for kids.
    It actually works.
    Of course, there’s always a risk. Worst case: We need to buy condoms and lube.

  4. anat says

    Yet another advantage of an IUD: Nothing for little kids to find. I did make sure to never insert a tampon in front of the kid because I did not want to inspire mimicry.

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