Holidays With Crys: We Actually Made It

We’re in Romania! I don’t believe it. We just drove about 2100km, and I drove about 1400 of those on 3 hours sleep. I’ve never driven so much in my entire life, and I’m not exactly looking forward to the return journey. I have to say, driving on the highway is not nearly as tiring as it seemed to me at first, but the windy mountain roads filled with potholes that was the 800km in Romania? I almost went crazy. And I smoked a pack and a  half of cigarettes, but who’s counting.

But let’s not think about that right now. We’re here! Alive! In a tiny little country town on the border with Moldavia. The roads may be crap but the countryside is charming as anything, and we’ll be spending a good 10 days in the country life.

Updates will proceed


  1. Ice Swimmer says

    1400 km after 3 hours of sleep? Please make sure you will not fall asleep at the wheel on your way back.

    A guy who had fallen asleep at the wheel ran over my uncle who was bicycling. He died. That was almost 20 years ago, but I still cringe when reading about driving while very tired.

    • thoughtsofcrys says

      I’m actually very paranoid about driving while tired. I wasn’t sleepy at all, just wired, with crazy lower back pain and going out of my mind with the videogame nature of driving on Romanian country roads! In fact, my boyfriend and I were fighting because he was complaining that I drive too cautiously. We’re planning to take it a lot easier on the way back, though.

  2. Lofty says

    Odd coincidence, I just bought a rare bike seat post from an ebay seller in Romania. I hope the bicycle coincidence with Ice Swimmer’s post doesn’t spook you.

    I had Romanian friends about 20 years ago, very interesting people but culturally very different to the Australians I know. Their angst at being seen barefoot on the beach or even being seated on the ground was eye opening. They shuffled about the beach in black all enveloping cloaks while we wandered about in shorts and flip flops.

    • Lofty says

      enkidu, no, they brought their night time attire out into the bright morning sunshine. What was sad was that the 10 year old son just wanted to run around and enjoy the freedom but Mother voiced her protective spell over his exuberance.

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