Another Devastating Earthquake Hits

The news on the 6.0 earthquake that hit central Italy and completely levelled the town of Amatrice keeps rolling in. By the last count, 159 people are dead, many of them children. This earthquake comes 7 years after the earthquake in the very nearby l’Aquila, which was approximately the same magnitude, also killing hundreds of people and levelling thousands of buildings. The images emerging from the quake are both heartbreaking to see and terribly familiar.

This time around, I was lucky to be in a part of Italy which was far enough away to be unaffected, though I have been in a few earthquakes before. Many others were definitely not so lucky.

The quake is too recent for there to be much in terms of a concrete way to help the victims from afar. Those near the epicenter are volunteering of course, but for now the rest of us are just helplessly watching the news.

In a bizzare coincidence, another earthquake, this time 6.8, hit Myanmar just a few hours after the quake in Italy. While there seem to have been fewer lives lost, many ancient temples have been damaged or destroyed as well.

What a day.


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