Holidays With Crys: Perchè Perchè?

Perchè perchè?                                                            Why why?

La domenica mi lasci sempre sola                          On Sundays you always leave me alone

Per andare a vedere la partita della Roma?        To go and see the Roma match

Perchè, Perchè!                                                            Because, Because!

Tifo Roma tifo Roma alè alè!                                   I root for Roma I root for Roma!


Tonight, my father is treating me to something I haven’t had the pleasure of doing in a very, very long time. I’m off to watch a Roma match at the Stadio Olimpico. Things have changed a lot since I last went, The diehard fans are protesting the new restrictions and limitations which makes it almost impossible to buy tickets, and they’ve put up ridiculous plasitc dividers in the Curva Sud so that the fans look like penned cattle. We didn’t get tickets for the Curva Sud though, as if the hardcore fans decide to boycott this game too we’re not going to be scabs and walk into the Curva by ourselves, but we’ve got tickets for the sides.

Roma – Porto, qualifying game for the Champions League. I’m a little too excited about this.

If any of you out there are football fans following the Champions League, feel free to use this comments section as an open thread of discussion again.

In the meantime, I’m going to get myself an unofficial Roma scarf, hold it high over my head and sing the Roma anthem with everyone else.

This is what that looks like


And if we win, we will thank them, and sing Grazie Roma



The lyrics are beautiful, about love and unity and passion. If any of you are interested in them, I’ll post the translations below the fold. I know some of you like to read Italian, so you might like to see if you got them right, though I warn you they are in Roman dialect!



  1. blf says

    I’m not following soccer (I hate the “game”, mostly bad actors falling over for 90+ minutes following by an attempt to kill some clown standing in the line-of-fire; for feck’s sake, the “game” is so boring the “fans” fight each other for lack of entertainment!), but do admit to wondering what Leicester will accomplish…

  2. perodatrent says

    Antonello Venditti wrote and sang far better songs: do you remember “Roma capoccia”? But may be you are so much younger than me that you never had the choice to listen to it.
    Good luck for tonight.

    • thoughtsofcrys says

      Of course I know Roma Capoccia! I used to listen to it in Ireland when I was feeling particularly homesick. But that’s a song about the city, not about the team. They’re just two different things!

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