Have A Little Physics Then

When I came across a link that used the word “anti-bubble” in it, I had to check it out. What’s an anti-bubble? Is it like anti-matter?

Actually you can see anti-bubbles, and make them at home all by yourself! Here’s a video


But if you’re not in the mood to watch it all and just want the physics explanation, I’m going to have to rely heavily o the one that science alert provided. It is no secret that I am a complete moron when it comes to physics!


While regular bubbles are formed from a sphere of gas surrounded by thin film of liquid, a droplet of liquid surrounded by a thin film of gas forms an antibubble, and these things have got some pretty fascinating properties.

They can ricochet off other objects just like tiny billiard balls; they refract light differently from regular bubbles, which gives them a bright, glossy appearance; and unlike soap bubbles that can last several minutes, antibubbles can only hold their shape for a few seconds.

If you’re interested, you should follow the link for a more in depth explanation of the physics of anti-bubbles.

Or, like me, you’re going to the kitchen for some milk, soap and food coloring instead.


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