Challenging False Masculinity

At the beginning of this video, I was a little worried, it starts off with a martial arts school for boys which teaches boys “what it means to be a man”. That phrase is usually followed up by disaster. In this case, however, it was followed by something that lifted my spirits enormously.


There was no “toughen up”, “don’t be a baby” or any of that such toxic masculinity nonsense. Instead, it is a martial arts school which offers emotional support, does not shame boys for having feelings but rather teaches them how to embrace them and express them in a healthy way, all on the backdrop of physical fitness and martial arts. There is no false dichotomy in this world between tough emotionless fighters and soft, cheesy pink bunny rabbit-style pushovers. A boy who is not ashamed to cry can also be tough. A boy can find a supportive community in the context of martial arts. Boys can bond with their fathers in a healthy way, both physically and mentally.

I love this. More of this please.


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