I’m Loving Environmental Inventions

It seems as though, every day, I come across another invention aimed to ease the strain on the environment that we are pressing upon it. As I mentioned in my post about edible cutlery, it is unfeasible to expect that one solution will cure all ills, but this piecing together of many different ideas aimed to alleviate one problem at a time will, I think, be the best way to confront the situation.

Here, we have another take on an idea that has already been floating around for a while. The concept of building houses from plastic waste, like old soda bottles, has been around for a while. However, this also involves filling the bottles with sand, and you are limited to whole, intact plastic bottles.

This new, relatively portable invention supposedly collects all forms of plastic waste and compresses it into bricks which can be used to build homes.


If you combine this invention with the recent, various inventions designed to clean the oceans of plastic waste, and you’ve got yourself a very good way to chip away at a very serious problem.

I’m a little sad I was never any good at engineering now. This kind of stuff is so very cool.

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