This Redneck Gets It

People will often adopt a fake, exaggerated redneck accent in order to emphasize that what they are going to say is exceedingly stupid and/or ignorant. This self proclaimed redneck blows that stereotype out of the water, in his message to “his people” about Black Lives Matter.


Never judge a person’s reason by their accent.

Now, I can only hope that his perspective, and his ability to put this discussion in a context that others in his community could empathize with, will resonate with at least some of the people he is addressing.


  1. kestrel says

    Oh YES the Liberal Redneck! Love that guy. His other videos are great too.

    He says in interviews (Seth Andrews interviewed him for The Thinking Atheist) that there are more liberal rednecks in the South than one would suppose. To me it’s a reason to feel cautiously optimistic.

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