Fuck The Daily Mail

I’m so sick of them.

Yesterday, there was a mass shooting in Munich. A teenager opened fire at a shopping mall, killing 9 people, and himself. It was a shooting straight out of the textbook definition of a lone wolf, he was bullied at school, he researched school shootings, and if he was inspired by any political agenda, it was the alt-right Norwegian Anders Breivik’s.

The Munich police are adamant that he had no ties to Islamic terrorism, nor is there any evidence that he was even remotely inspired by ISIS or any other Islamic terrorist group.  There might be even some evidence that he was Christian, but most say that he was simply not religious, and a “typical teenager”.

A teenage mass shooter, something that anyone remotely familiar with recent US history should know how to characterize, right? Every reputable news outlet around cannot dispute the fact that he was a teenager on a rampage. Which is why the Daily Mail does not even remotely fall under that category.

Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 9.42.46 PM


Seriously, fuck the Daily Mail. Anything to get clicks on their pathetic excuse for a news outlet.


  1. usagichan says

    As long as I can remember, even back when it was a paper only paper, the Daily Fail has always been a right wing propoganda rag, with little more utility than as a backup for when you run out of toilet paper (and the online version removes even that slim purpose).

    Having said that, rather like Fox in the US, there are probably people who will go to the Fail for their “Truth”. So it bears repeaing!


    (Even if those who need to read this will never see it, it should still be said)

  2. Siobhan says

    This seems to be consistent with most mass murders these days. Orlando? Yeah, he claimed fealty to ISIS and ISIS claimed him after the fact, but the FBI released a statement saying no communications had ever occurred between the two parties. But let’s not have facts get in the way of our excuses to deport teh moooooslems

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