Being Honest

Let’s all take a moment to remember exactly what Trump means when he says “let’s make America great again”.


Is it terrible that I find that tune quite catchy? I’ve been humming it all day.


  1. says

    Some might misread this as US bashing, but Trump’s slogan begs a question:

    When was America ever “great”?

    It makes an assumption that was never true, that one nation was somehow “superior” to the rest of the world. It’s akin to religious people claiming those of their religion have moral superiority to those not part of their own.

    • thoughtsofcrys says

      I think there is more than one connotation to the word “great”. If by great you mean awesome, wonderful, excellent, then you have a point. However, there is also the use of the word great which is akin to the word mighty, the way that an empire is great, or a burden is great. They are great in their size and oppression, not in their moral superiority. In that sense America certainly was great.
      Nor do I think that that additional meaning is lost on Trump, as it fits in with his fascist rhetoric quite nicely

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