I’m Sold

If I were Australian, I think I just might have to vote for the Australian Sex Party. When you come out with a campaign video like this, I’m sold.


It’s not just the hilarious musical parody, or their message to get religion out of government. I can actually get behind every single one of the issues they care about. As they put it:


They might as well be the FtB party. I’m loving these guys.

Instructions on how to vote for the Sex Party in Australia can be found here.

Any Australians out there who could give a little more context and background on the Australian elections, feel free to dominate the comments section!


  1. Lofty says

    Like the US the political scene is dominated by two more or less conservative parties, but unlike the US the preferential voting system gives the winning independents a real chance of wielding the balance of power. As the country moves ever closer to the vote the two conservative leader’s exhortions to “vote for me or risk terrible instability” had been like the endless bickering of fraternal twins.

    In South Australia a certain populist independent senator Nick Xenophon has fielded enough candidates and good will to be a serious thorn in the side of both major parties, who publicly heap hate on him. It really is too close to call the election results, but it’s only two more sleeps until the wailing crescendo of the sore losers will rent the aether.

    As for the Sex Party, who knows what they’ll achieve, probably very little. Australia is still on the whole very conservative.

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