Too Little, Too Late, Too Victim-Blamey

Everyone is raving about this new Pope, aren’t they? Wow, he actually said let’s try to shift the focus away from hating on people, round of applause on that one. Oh, and priests, please try to stop raping the kiddies, mmkay?

In response to the latter request, the Catholic Church in Montreal has issued a decree banning priests from being left alone with children.

According to the decree, the move was to “ensure the safety and integrity of the people to whom we bring the Gospel message and offer our pastoral care”

In an accompanying letter, Lepine said: “Recent events brought to light the horrific reality of abuse of minors and vulnerable people by members of the church. These intolerable situations have shocked and shaken the Universal Church as well as the entire population.”


That almost sounds like an admission of guilt, right? Except it wouldn’t be the Catholic Church if it didn’t add some victim blaming into the mix.


But, it added, it was also “to preserve the integrity, security and good reputation of God’s people”.

“Imagine if you are alone in a room and a child accuses you of hitting them, how will you react?” Sarrazin said. “Whether it’s true or not, you need a witness. Not being in the room alone with someone who is vulnerable is simply being prudent.”


In the grand scheme of things, regardless of the language, not letting the priests be alone with kids is overall a good idea. Even better would be to get rid of the raping priests, have accountability and transparency, and eventually have the entire institution wither away into oblivion. But hey, here’s hoping. Good luck with that band-aid over that gaping wound, in the meantime.


  1. says

    I saw the recent headlines about Francis saying his church should apologize for their past treatment of women and gay people. Yay, sounds good!

    What’s left out is that doesn’t mean he things that gay people should get full human rights including marriage, or that women can now be priests or not have preventable deaths in hospitals because the fetus is more important.

    You can’t put a festering festering banana in a new peel and expect it to be delicious.

  2. Miserable Git Says says

    I read the same and it made me incredibly angry. The catholic church still does not get it. The church to them is more important than any child.
    On the plus side I was in Montreal recently had an absolutely wonderful time. Heartily recommend it to anyone who enjoys a midday class of wine on a patio.

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