1. says

    But the English are trying to prove they have a bigger Johnson. As I just said elsewhere, “Brexit referendum” is best pronounced “break ****, rougher and dumb”, because that’s what they’re doing and being.

    Last week, I said (in a few places) that far right racism and xenophobia could see the Rostock riots repeated in England. A few people said I was exaggerating.

    I thought it would take weeks to happen. It has taken days.

  2. sonofrojblake says

    Hyperbole, much? There’ve been scattered reports (a lot of them, granted) of individuals spouting nasty racist stuff, presumably emboldened by the regrettable result of the referendum. But if this was 1992, we’d have heard nothing about any of them. None of them (that I’ve heard of) reached the level where they’d even be reported on local news, much less national or international. We’re only aware of this bubbling undercurrent because of social media. Comparing that to Rostock is overstating things considerably. Have you heard of even one petrol bomb, anywhere? While disgusting, let’s not get this out of proportion.

    And if we’re talking pronunciation, “Brexit” is what a girl from Doncaster does when she sits on a plastic garden chair.

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