Spare Me Your Entertainment Judgement, Thanks

We are in the midst of EURO2016, and I am watching as much of it as I can. I used to follow soccer (or football, or whatever you want to call it) far more than I do now, but I do miss it. Despite the fact that I have been watching less and less of it over the years, I still get annoyed with people who can’t wait for an international championship to roll around so that they can post their lofty status updates about how superior they are to the unwashed masses. “Football is nothing more than a bunch of millionaires kicking a ball around, you do realize that, right? Oooh how exciting for you, how interesting.”

Yes. Football is a bunch of millionaires kicking a ball around. And Hollywood movies are a bunch of millionaires pretending to be someone they’re not. And singers are a bunch of millionaires fitting words to a tune.

Pretty much every form of entertainment can be boiled down to something that sounds stupid and a waste of time and money. The fact of the matter is, human beings are attracted to art, and they are attracted to talent. It takes talent to kick a football around the way that they do at the EURO2016. It also takes talent to act the way that Tom Hanks acts, to sing the way that Adele sings, to dance the way that Beyonce dances.

You might not find those forms of entertainment interesting, and that’s fine. Many love movies, but find dancing boring. Many love football, but think that the talent it takes to hit a baseball is boring to watch. Many people love rock, or jazz, but hate opera. It’s not because it takes less talent to be an opera singer, it just takes a different kind of talent, one that some don’t find appealing.

You also might make the argument that people should not get so emotionally invested over the outcome of a match, or the message of a movie, to resort to getting into fights over it. Also there I would agree with you. But please, spare me the holier-than-thou attitude. You’re not a highly evolved being because you are part of the elite who “figured out” that football can be boiled down to “kicking a ball around”. So you don’t find it entertaining, great, don’t watch it. I’m sure there are movies or songs you like which I won’t find entertaining either. But I defy you to find a single person in the world who does not find some form of talent compelling to watch. It is in our nature, it’s part of what makes us human, and your preferred talent is not morally superior to mine.

You can save your elitism for your private cocktail parties. In the meantime, I’ve got work to do. I’ve a match to catch at 9.


  1. says

    Have fun!
    Please just don’t drive a car around for half the night while being drunk not wearing a seat belt and blowing your horn (don’t believe you’d do). That’s the kind of stuff that takes me from “meh, whatever” to “oh no, fucking football championship again”
    Let’s face it, football fanáticos are hardly a universally despised group everybody sneers on.
    Again, I’m not judging you for liking it (I used to watch a great deal of it in my teens, I know it can be great fun) but I’m a bit annoyed with the fans. Scratch the “bit”.
    Personally, I’m getting the most out of my Amazon Prime subscription atm

  2. says

    I go the opposite way. The only time I get interested in World Football (*) is major events like the World Cup or Euro####. I’m not anti-WF the rest of the time, just ambivalent. (* I say World Football and North American Football when speaking to mixed audiences, soccer or football to specific audiences.)

    I will voice one criticism of the Euro championship: How is it ever again going to be as interesting or entertaining as the Greek “Pirates” of 2004? That was hilarious. The only thing to match it since were the 2007 Asian Cup (Iraq wins?!!?!!) and the 2014 World Cup. The Costa Ricans performed miracles, and the Brazilians fell apart. That was beautiful.

    • Rob Grigjanis says

      How is it ever again going to be as interesting or entertaining as the Greek “Pirates” of 2004?

      I’d say it’s bloody interesting, and more entertaining. Croatia, Iceland, Hungary, Wales? Great stuff!

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