John Oliver Nails It On Brexit

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve avoided posting about the upcoming Brexit vote due to my lack of expertise and time in looking into the various economic and political arguments for and against. The vote is the day after tomorrow, however, and the latest poll I saw put the vote at 44%-44%. I had no idea it was so close, and that is troubling.

But John Oliver is far more awesome than I am, and British no less, so I’ll let him tackle the Brexit debate


I really do love this man.


  1. malefue says

    I live in equally (at times more, thx to a strong right-wing bent) EU-negative Austria and people here scoff heir hearts out when talking about a possible Brexit. The perception is that the UK never really belonged to the EU anyway, with its undermining every attempt at reform and general disdain for european unity. The most offered opinion on the issue nowadays is along the lines of “Who would even notice if they left?” Sure there would be economic repercussions throughout the Union, but not as catastrophioc as some people make it out. The UK is not as potent economically as it once was.

  2. applehead says

    Major banks threatened to pull out of “Great” Britain if the Brexit goes through. That should give the #VoteLeave morons some pause. After Saint Maggie gutted the manufacturing sector Britannien’s economy is built on the sandcastle of financial derivatives.

    It won’t be the EU who crashes and burns, dear Britons, it will be you.

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