That Was Harder Than I Thought

Every Monday, Science posts a Science Quiz. Today, I decided to try out the latest one. I’m a scientist, I shouldn’t do too badly, right?

I scored… dead average.

Turns out, I haven’t been following the latest science news at all. In college I would have destroyed these quizzes, but it is very common for those in my profession to hyper focus on their one, extremely narrow field of expertise, and lose sight of what’s going on in the wider field. I’ve pretty much become this guy





  1. usagichan says

    That was a fun quiz – I love the timer adjustment to the score.

    I got 7,171 – I am not a scientist but I do love reading the science news.

  2. Rob Grigjanis says

    Never mind science. Did you watch the Belgium Italy match yesterday? Best game so far, IMO. And Italy look the best side so far. Belgium is rated highly, and they were basically shut down.

    • thoughtsofcrys says

      OF COURSE I DID. Took time out of work to go see it, resulting in my getting out of the lab well past midnight, but it was worth it. We’ve already booked a seminar room and a projector to watch Italy-Sweden in the institute… Cause that’s how we roll!

  3. Johnny Vector says

    Well their answer to #2 is wrong. Unless they’ve recently discovered a new meaning for “globe” that means “land area”. So much for attention to detail.

  4. Rob Grigjanis says

    Just did it. Got a bit above average, mostly by semi-educated guessing. I call bullshit. Seriously, the renaming of elements? That’s not science, it’s labeling.

    Johnny Vector @3: Oh, come on. “this much of the globe” is pretty clearly “percentage of surface area”, given the context and available choices. I got it wrong, but not because of their word choice.

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