So… You Want… Less Regulations on GMOs?

What do you even call sending letter bombs nowadays? Does it still qualify as terrorism? Attempted terrorism? Just plain old-fashioned? Well, whatever it is, there was one of those last week in Italy, and regardless of the method, the attempt makes no fucking sense to me whatsoever.

Italian police are trying to figure out who sent a letter containing an explosive powder to Europe’s food safety agency. A bomb squad earlier this week blew up the letter, which was addressed to a scientist who works on genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

The identity of the scientist to whom it was addressed was not revealed, but according to the articles I’ve read on the subject so far, he seems to be a consultant who works with the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA), to regulate and evaluate the safety of each individual GMO which is proposed to be put on the market.

So, letter bomb sender, you want to target the people who are ensuring the safety of the food you eat? Really?

And it’s not like the EFSA has been green lighting every single GM crop that has crossed their desk, either.

The agency has been a target of anti-GMO demonstrators, but “is neither in favor nor against GMOs. Every case is evaluated singularly,” the EFSA spokesperson says.

The European Union has approved the planting of just one GM crop— a variety of corn known as MON 810. Each member state must also approve planting, however, and in 2013 Italy barred cultivation of MON 810, as well as barring field trials of experimental GM crops.

One. Just one has made it past so far, and each individual country also has to approve it, and Italy hasn’t even approved any so far, having banned the sale of GM products for human consumption in 2013.

I know it’s silly to attempt to reason with people who do such ridiculous and dangerous things as sending letter bombs but… really? Really? You’re targeting the people who are responsible for the regulations and oversight? The very people that anti-GMO protestors say there aren’t enough of?

Well, maybe stop sending them letter bombs, and more people will want to sign up for the job. Jackasses.


  1. perodatrent says

    Stupid is as stupid does.
    May be only in Italy there is a “Fondazione Diritti Genetici” (Genetic Rights Foundation) which the aim to prevent research on GM foods?

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