Herpes Is A Bitch

I’m sure we can all agree on that. However, it seems as though genital herpes can be even more of a bitch that we initially thought. According to a recent study, herpes can make you constipated by triggering your body into killing the neurons in your butthole.

Basically, that means that your large intestine stops working properly. Without those neurons, your gut can’t move the faeces along by peristalsis properly, and so your poop is not moving along well for evacuation. In extreme cases, this can lead to a condition called toxic megacolon, which I assure you is just as bad as it sounds.

Man, as if genital herpes wasn’t bad enough! The fact is, if you do have herpes and you suffer from constipation, don’t wait to go to your doctor. You don’t want any potential embarrassment around talking about poop causing you to wait until you actually develop a freaking toxic megacolon. Go sooner rather than later, and you’ll probably be alright with laxatives and a diet change.

If you can’t access the full article, but want more of a summary of their findings, IFLScience has obliged with a snarky article.


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