1. johnson catman says

    Interesting that you posted that today. I was thinking over the weekend how the fallacious republican economic policies of cutting taxes for the rich would be advantageous for all citizens because “a rising tide lifts all boats”, and a picture similar to the above was appearing in my mind. The republicans would be praising the policies since they were getting pushed higher, while the poor would be sinking below the waterline. Pretty soon though, the whole ship would sink below sight, like what happens to the economy when those policies are implemented (see Kansas). I think the picture perfectly illustrates a lot of republican policies.

  2. blf says

    Not bad, but it suggests a connection with reality (however tenuous) that does not seem much in evidence.

    Some thoughts on other voice bubbles:
    ● “We can’t sink, we’re on land!”
    ● “There is no such thing as sinking. It’s a plot invented by scientists to get rich.”
    ● “Ships have always sunk.”
    ● “This slanting deck shows how biased and flawed the models are.”
    ● “If the oceans are rising, how could a ship sink? It’d float higher.”
    ● “My lifeboat is full of eels.”

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