Berlin – Kreuzberg

Last night, after a quick nap, we headed to Kreuzberg for a stroll and some dinner.

I have to say, this neighborhood is going to be hard to beat.

It is filled to the brim with cafes, bars and vintage shops, each with their own artistic style, each more inviting than the next. The streets are covered in graffiti and wall art





And some pretty funky art graces some of the shop windows



For dinner we wound up in Bar Raval, a tapas bar that makes modern, reinvented tapas as well as some classics. They. Were. Fan-fucking-tastic. From the lightly fried aubergines with honey



To the perfectly cooked lamb chops with a fresh tomato and olive compote



To the baked goat cheese with a little vegetable awesomeness underneath



Day one, and I’m falling hard for Berlin. This city just might be for me.

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