First Day in Berlin: Highlights

Woke up at 5AM today to make our stupidly early flight. But we’re here! The highlights so far:

  • We arrived to our hostel, which is actually a boat floating on the river. It’s far too early to check in, but they let us leave our bags, sneak up to have breakfast, then make ourselves scarce



  • We head to the castle at Charlottenburg. Unfortunately 2/3 of it has been closed to the public, and they have VERY ratty staff, but some of the rooms and the gardens were very nice




You must forgive both the gray weather and my crappy camera phone for these!

  • People in Berlin jaywalk! No shit!
  • Berlin is quite cheap compared to the other parts of Germany, EXCEPT for public transport and taxis. That’s universal.
  • We then headed to the Berlin Aquarium. How can I not go in when the building looks like this?



  • They sell those teeny tiny glass figurines I’ve always loved and haven’t found for years! Squeee!
  • After a quick bite it’s back to the boat hostel to actually check in. As we wait I notice a small vending machine near the reception which holds only ear plugs, candy necklaces, aspirin and condoms. I love this place. Safety and sweet tooth first!
  • The receptionist informs us that there is a swing party in the lounge tonight, free for guests and first drink is discounted. I hope that doesn’t mean what it means in the States, condoms notwithstanding. I am travelling with my father after all. Of course we’re checking it out anyway.


I could definitely live here. Single me would have especially loved living here. It has a New York in the 70s-80s kind of vibe, except with far less crime.

Also, posting from my phone officially sucks. If the pictures are too small, you’ll have to wait for me to get back to my computer to fix them a bit!


  1. enkidu says

    So cool to stay in a floating hostel! Also something I recognize, the Oberbaum bridge. Did you visit the East Side gallery?

    • thoughtsofcrys says

      Of course! Its right along the floating hostel. you cant help but walk past it to get back 🙂

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