That’s Sick

Coming from a European perspective, the size and costs of American college athletics programs have always seemed bizarre to me. But hey, everything is bigger in America, right? It’s a different culture, it’s a different context, and don’t even get me started on fraternities and sororities, I’ve never understood those, but I didn’t really spend all that much time thinking about it.

I had no idea it was this out of control.


I’m baffled that it even got this far to begin with. It’s insanity.


  1. says

    It would be helpful to summarise the video contents in your post, so that your post makes sense without having to view the video.

    Summary: University athletics departments are being subsidised by millions of dollars per year from the tuition fees university students pay.

  2. Numenaster says

    Alternative summary: colleges and universities prioritize athletics over student instruction, and use student tuition to subsidize money-losing sports programs.

    The University of Chicago eliminated football for 30 years, and its academic programs benefited from it. It’s back now, but much less emphasized than it is at other members of their conference.

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