I Thought Politicians Were Good Liars…

Apparently, some of them really, really suck at it.

A few days ago, I came across a small story of a Republican candidate for Congress who posted a screenshot of his computer, forgetting to close the porn tabs. I had a short laugh at his expense and moved on. I mean, Republicans get up to all sorts of sex-related shenanigans, right? This one was quite mild in comparison, so I figured it was barely worth mentioning. But now, his excuse for browsing porn has come out and, as far as politician excuses go, this one probably takes the cake.

“Curious by nature, I wanted to test the suggestion that somehow, lurking out in the pornographic world there is some evil operator waiting for the one in a gazillion chance that a candidate for federal office would go to that particular website and thereby be infected with a virus that would cause his or her FEC [federal election commission] data file to crash the FECfile application each time that it was loaded on the day of the filing deadline, as well as impact other critical campaign systems.”

Well that’s pathetic.

How stupid do you think your electorate is? How stupid are you to believe that such a ridiculous explanation could fly? Or do you not expect anyone to believe such nonsense?

Mike Webb for Congress everybody. He’s into amateur porn, women with “tight bodies”, and quoting the Bible. Pretty standard, in other words.

Cue to the jokes about “actually if he were a standard Republican he would be into men with tight asses” in 3… 2… 1…


  1. sonofrojblake says

    Can’t remember where I read/found this, but I came across a fascinating article the other day about a study into the effect that internet porn is having on men’s psychology, their attitudes to women, sex, relationships and so on. Given the prevalence of it, it would be really nice to know just what, if anything, it’s doing to us.

    There were no results. The fascinating part was this: the people who wanted to do the study explained that, in order for the study to be meaningful, they would require a cohort of young men who regularly used internet porn. No problem – they noted that typically boys start seeking out porn around the age of ten.

    They would also, obviously, require a control group. They couldn’t get one. They couldn’t find ANY boys who had not seen internet porn. I’m not sure whether they were checking Westboro Baptist-style or Amish communities, but it’s questionable whether any such people would have any value as a control group in any case. The study was, IIRC, abandoned. One of the people involved expressed concern, and said something along the lines of “imagine if all boys started smoking at ten – we’d think lung cancer was normal”. On one level, that’s quite scary.

    On another, it does rather call into question why, in 2016, there’s any shame attached to using porn. I would have expected there to be more shame attached to the ridiculous pretence that you don’t.

    • thoughtsofcrys says

      Personally, I don’t think there should be shame, which is why I wasn’t even going to post about this at the beginning. It was the ridiculous lie that caught my attention. The irony of his being a staunch anti-porn Bible thumper is just the added bonus

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