Is That The Best You Got?

I admit it, I went on a little troll through the internet for material today. I’m in a weird mood, having very few discussions with people in my life, so I needed some ideas. Hey, Kent Hovind got out of prison last year right? He was always good for some science butchery, so what has he been up to lately?

While his blog seems to have gone defunct, he always did prefer youtube, didn’t he? I opened his page, and there it was, Kent Hovind: An Atheists Worst Nightmare (OFFICIAL TRAILER)

Dun dun dunnnn! OK Kent, let’s see what you got.


Really? Is… is that it? That was so anticlimactic I’m actually disappointed. The flashes of Nazi and genocide imagery is really not making you any scarier, either.

Hun, you’re talking to an atheist, who also happens to be a lucid dreamer and one who can feel physical pain in her dreams. Worst nightmare? You can’t even scrape the top 100 with this bollocks.

I need suggestions. Some material with actual meat on its bones for me to tear into. Biology-related always a plus! Because this was just… pathetic.


  1. grumpyoldfart says

    I thought it was someone else poking fun at Hovind, but it really is his own work. Amazing.

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