I’ll Take The Truth

I only read until the end of this meme because it was posted by a source that I know doesn’t abide by this miracle cure, alternative medicine bullshit. I’m glad I did.




If I only had 18 months to live, I’d probably rather be high, find amusement in my morning piss, and a mad hankering after pizza rolls than wallowing in self pity. But at least I would know that was what I was doing, and I’d always rather take the truth over false hope.

There is medicine that works, and medicine that doesn’t work. There is also a fun way to go out, and a not so fun way to go out. I do not begrudge anyone the right to ease their suffering in their last moments, which is one of the reasons why I think that cannabis should be available to anyone with a terminal disease, not because I think it will miraculously cure them, but because it will make it that much easier to get through, and who the fuck has the right to deny that to anyone.

Well, I just took a meme that was meant to be amusing far too seriously, but sometimes it has to be said.

Just because cannabis is not a miracle cure for every disease on the planet, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be legal for anyone who wants to remember what it’s like to just want some damn pizza rolls.

And, of course, call out these peddlers of woo and false hope for the con artists that they are. But that was the whole point of the meme anyway.


  1. DonDueed says

    There is medicine that works,

    … which is known as “medicine”.

    and medicine that doesn’t work

    … aka “not medicine”. And a few other names.

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