Does It Still Count As Parody…

When it pretty much states the truth of the matter quite plainly?

As a mother, I put my parenting decisions above all else. Nobody knows my son better than me, and the choices I make about how to care for him are no one’s business but my own. So, when other people tell me how they think I should be raising my child, I simply can’t tolerate it. Regardless of what anyone else thinks, I fully stand behind my choices as a mom, including my choice not to vaccinate my son, because it is my fundamental right as a parent to decide which eradicated diseases come roaring back.

The decision to cause a full-blown, multi-state pandemic of a virus that was effectively eliminated from the national population generations ago is my choice alone, and regardless of your personal convictions, that right should never be taken away from a child’s parent. Never.

Aren’t parodies supposed to deliberately exaggerate or overstate a claim? This seems pretty spot-on to me, actually.


  1. Dr Sarah says

    I’ve had a fair number of dealings with anti-vaxxers and their rhetoric. Everything up to and including ‘including my choice not to vaccinate my son’ was so spot-on I literally didn’t realise at first it was from a parody.

    After that… that’s where it differs. I’ve never dealt with an anti-vaxxer who gave any indication of believing that their actions could contribute to the spreading of disease to other people. Either they flat-out deny that vaccination had anything to do with the drop in incidence of all these diseases, or they believe it’s all right because the diseases aren’t around any more (gee, no shit, Sherlock? You think vaccination *might maybe have had something to do with that?*), or they believe it’s all right because everyone else is going to be protected by vaccination so we’re all making a fuss about nothing.

  2. anat says

    Also, anti-vax parents are so offended by the way others see their kids as a potential source of infection and complain about how dehumanizing this treatment is.

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