Holidays With Crys: Orvieto

Some of you have asked me what it is about Civita di Bagnoregio that my mother loves most. Despite the loneliness during the winter and the masses of tourists (and thus the popping up of tourist shops) in the summer, what my mother loves about the place is, well, all of it and its surroundings. There is just something real, something honest about living in that kind of countryside. Like simply going to get wine. Let’s stop by Le Velette



Because this is how we do wine


And the view is nothing to sneeze at



That there, in the distance, is Orvieto. It’s another hilltop town with great culture and, incidentally, also American overseas study programs and British schools. Anyway, lets go there for lunch.

The side streets are a slightly bigger version of Civita



And with a much, much bigger church




But the fact that seasonal food is what you find in the restaurants remains the same. I was lucky enough to find one of the last artichokes of the season




That there, in the back, is a deep fried artichoke. That baby deserves a close-up




Abbandonatemi qua.



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