Holidays With Crys: Civita di Bagnoregio

Yesterday I told you all that we made it to central Italy. That’s because our first stop was to drop off the maternal unit in Civita di Bagnoregio, also known as this place


Up on that hill is where my mother lives for most of the year. Yup, that’s a bridge, the kind you walk up.


This is what it looks like when you’re at the foot of that bridge




Looks a little daunting, but it’s actually not that bad. Go on, up we climb




Keep going. We’re almost there




There’s a town poking through the tunnel. This town





With side streets like this




Word to the wise: if you’re afraid of heights, don’t look down




  1. Bruce says

    I loved my visit to Civita di Bagnoregio in 1998, even though it was only for a couple of hours. That was before they built the new bridge. It was a Rick Steves Best of Europe tour. They showed the old Etruscan laundry washing stones, and the old olive press. It was very nice. But I heard very few people live there now (like 24). I’m glad your mother is able to enjoy it. Please tell us more about what she likes the most there.

    • thoughtsofcrys says

      The wine made in Civita itself is so local it doesn’t have a name nor is it bottled, Antonio just makes it and pours it into jugs. In the area, there are many wineries, Mottura and Le Velette being among the best

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