Woop! I made it

It’s been a 13 hour car ride, and we’ve made it to central Italy. The highlights

  • My mother complained frequently about the music, as expected
  • We only caught a tiny bit of traffic around southern Germany… driving on Sunday FTW!
  • We decided to pass through Austria, because Switzerland is a pain in the ass with its borders and questions and speed limits…. and its only a couple hundred extra km… let’s do it!
  • I tried to snap a few pictures of the alps… they’re not great.



  • Woop! We’re in Italy, that means it’s my turn to drive. Well, as long as it’s windy mountain roads and my boyfriend wants a nap. Then he’s up and poking me because I’m only going 10-20km over the speed limit. We change places around Carpi.
  • My mother starts to get passive aggressive about the speed around Bologna. Instead of asking my boyfriend directly, in Italian, to slow down, she speaks to the ether in English: “I would be a lot more comfortable at a slower speed”, so that I have to turn to my boyfriend and say, in Italian, “My mother says slow down”. That was fun for a few hours.
  • We made it! A beer and bed. More pictures and updates to follow!


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