The Dog Video Everyone Needs to See

I am a fan of the YouTube series Adam Ruins Everything. It’s clever, it’s funny, and generally it is accurate. However, with the distressing news that flat-faced dogs are becoming ever more popular, I think that this video in particular is of particular importance.

I agree that pugs are adorable, but continuing to breed them is just cruel. They can’t breathe, they can’t lay down to sleep, and many of them can’t even blink properly, leading to eye infections and pain. Humans fucked up royally when it comes to purebreed dogs, and we need to start repairing some of the damage we’ve done.

Don’t buy, just adopt.


  1. Holms says

    A note on the chihuahua unnecessarily picked on in that video: they are not descended from wolves like other dogs, but from a much smaller animal. Meaning, they are not actually far from their origins at all, and are much healthier than most other pure breeds. And they are excellent.

    • Rowan vet-tech says

      Ahaha… ahahahaha…. ahahaha … NO.

      Chihuahuas are dogs. They are NOT healthier than other purebreds. They have tons of issues with luxating patellas, are famous for not just retaining decidious teeth but building tartar in an eyeblink, and their domed heads and protruding eyes cause all sorts of issues.

  2. lorn says

    I read a while back that perhaps an indicator of the genetically healthiest dogs, given that they live fairly well without human intervention, were feral dog. A study of those that survived long term concluded that the survivors all shared a set of common traits: short-hair, medium sized, and quite ordinary looking mutts.

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