What Is It About Tiny Things?

I came across this video on facebook and it made me squee


I can’t help loving every bit of that video, and yet I can’t, for the life of me, understand why. The rational part of me says it’s stupid, that’s so much work for what? What are you going to do with 6 pinky nail-size doughnuts? The irrational part of me doesn’t care, and can’t stop squee-ing.

What is it about tiny things that activates so many people’s cute-o-meter? Unfortunately, the internets have failed to give me a satisfactory answer. While there is a decent explanation as to why we find puppies and baby animals cute, none of those studies can transfer over to miniature objects.

Any ideas? Let’s design a study!


  1. lorn says

    For some DIY tiny cuteness try:


    There are some number under the “Kracie -Tiny Kitchen ” tag.

    What amazes me is how hypnotic the action is, and that somewhere on earth there is a factory producing all the packaging and plastic parts and assembling them into these kits. An entire industrial infrastructure dedicated to DIY miniature meals. Humans are a strange and wonderful species.

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