Sunday Cooking with Crys: II

This week, my complicated dish of choice is a complete invention.

It all started with last week’s Easter Edition, which featured a leg of lamb. After having taken all the meat off, I was left with a huge lovely leg bone. What am I going to do, just throw it away? Nah, I can’t do that. Why don’t I make a meat broth? And we have extra sweet potatoes too, why dont I make roasted sweet potato and cheese raviolini for that meat broth? Yea, why not, let’s give it a shot.

Recipe, pictures etc. below the fold

I started with the meat broth:

1 lamb leg bone

1 piece of stewing beef

3 carrots

3 large shallots

fresh thyme


I brought all of that to the boil, let it simmer for a couple of hours, then filtered it, let it cool and skimmed the fat off the top. I froze it, so that it would last until this Sunday. The stewing beef became a spicy Asian-inspired stir fry with lots of onions and carrots



and then, come Sunday, let’s make raviolini!

For the pasta:

100gr of flour and 1 egg per person

For the filling:

4 sweet potatoes

300gr camembert without crust (note: the camembert here sucks, so if you live in a country with proper camembert it might be too smelly for this recipe, I was going for a good asiago, or taleggio)

80gr hard sheep cheese (pecorino)

120 gr parmesan

salt, cracked black pepper and white pepper, to taste

  • bake the sweet potatoes whole until soft (about 1 hour)
  • knead the flour and eggs well, until the dough springs back to the touch.
  • mix all of the ingredients for the filling
  • roll out the pasta, the thinner the better
  • cut strips of pasta in half, then place a quarter teaspoon of filling along the strip at regular intervals. Then lay the second strip of pasta on top, seal and cut between the bulges of filling.
  • Mak sure there is plenty of flour between the ravioli if you are going to layer them!


  • Boil the broth, then add the ravioli. When they float, they’re done.


The result?

The ravioli were way better than I thought they would be, but the same cannot be said about the broth. It was too delicate for ravioli that are on the sweet side, it didn’t contrast enough. It was somewhat corrected with a nice handful of parmesan in the broth, but they were even better tossed in some melted butter, sage and parmesan.

As for the rest of the cooking?

Whoops! I have extra ravioli filling! How about adding 3 eggs, some diced zucchini and diced pepper and make a frittata


That was also waaay better than I thought it would be… there is definitely something to this cheesy sweet potato business.

I also made some egg cups, lined with sliced turkey



And some garlicy, cherry tomato-y green beans


Nom nom nom

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