Pop Quiz: What Is That?

When I was living in Dublin, getting used to the hygiene situation was difficult for me. The fact that I was a student and thus could not afford to live in the nicer neighborhoods I’m sure made the situation more extreme. I saw things in shops there that I have never seen since: bowls of tuna mayo mix accidentally being left out over night and the guy behind the counter just mixing it up to hide the crust that formed on the surface. Fish markets with small stacks of sharks, and boxes of mussels, covered in flies and not a scrap of ice to be found. Butchers with bowls of minced meat on the counter, completely oxidized and brown on top, then a person coming out from the back and adding fresh mince on top of it and mixing it through, in front of all the customers like it was no big deal. Hams that reduced to the size of a filet mignon because they had been injected with salt water to make them seem plump and inviting. Chippers that stank up entire blocks with the smell of rancid oil.

However, the one that took the cake was at a Spar, which is a supermarket chain. Usually they have sandwich counters, where you can ask for a baguette with this and that to take with you to work, or wherever. One day, in my local Spar, I saw this behind the counter. Can any of you tell what they are?


Go on, guess.

I was sorely tempted to ask to buy them, just to see if the guy would sell them to me. Unfortunately I had limited money, and so I contented myself with a grainy cell phone picture.


  1. besomyka says

    Last night’s veggie dinner? Slices zucchini, tomato sauce, topped with a white cheese. Melted. Left over night. Hardened.

    Just say no.

    • thoughtsofcrys says

      Nope! To this day, no one has ever been able to guess what it was from the picture alone. I’m curious to see if anyone here manages 🙂 I’ll give it a week before I reveal the answer, I think

    • sandykat says

      I’ve dissected cow eyes and these don’t look much like I remember them. More like testicles of some sort.

  2. Beatrice, an amateur cynic looking for a happy thought says

    Is that a piece of sausage on top of one, and another fallen off the other one?

    Hm, what I see as a slice of sausage could actually be the top of a bone seen from directly above. Although, there shouldn’t be so much meat on it (or whateverthehell that red thing is).

  3. thoughtsofcrys says

    I’m loving all these guesses! One of you is close but no cigar. Keep them coming! The answer will be revealed next Friday

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