Sunday Cooking With Crys – Easter Edition

That’s right! This atheist still celebrates Easter. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a perfect excuse to eat a bunch of chocolate and have a nice big Sunday meal. Plus my mother is here at the moment, so she did most of the cooking while I was slaving away in the lab.

Pictures below the fold, and if you want any recipes I’d be only too happy to share!

A must-have in Rome for Easter is the Pizza Pasquale, a sort of cheesy bread. I made that one, my mother can cook many things, but Roman cooking is definitely not her forte.



Pizza Pasquale is best eaten with salami and hard boiled eggs, appropriately colored of course.



After that, my mother took over. We’re having baked camembert and roasted grapes as an appetizer



A lovely leg of lamb in a mustard crust



With roasted spiced sweet potatoes and peppered mint peas



All set on a pretty Easter table



For dessert? Luckily, my boyfriend managed to get his hand on a Colomba, meaning I didn’t have to try to make one myself



My mother, on the other hand, contributed a Nutella cheesecake



Looks like Mom’s been dipping into the cheesecake a little early


  1. chris61 says

    Hi, Crys

    It looks delicious. Apropos of which, the lamb, sweet potato and pea recipes would be much appreciated.


    • thoughtsofcrys says

      Sure! They’re all pretty simple. So, the lamb:
      1. Make small incisions in the leg of lamb and stuff them with fresh thyme and garlic cloves
      2. Smother the whole thing in dijon mustard, then sear the meat on a high heat to close
      3. Put in a baking tray with more fresh thyme, red onions, carrots, a glass of red wine and some water
      4. Bake at 180C/375F for 20 minutes x pound of meat
      5. drain off the juices and the onions in a small pot, blend them together, add a little cornflour to thicken, and you’ve got onion gravy
      The peas: super easy, just boil, drain, then add butter, lots of black cracked pepper and a small handful of chopped fresh mint, heat through and serve
      The sweet potatoes: bake whole at 200C until soft (about an hour), then cut them in half, score them, add some butter, salt and a sprinkle of moroccan raz al hanout spice mix, heat through in the oven again (about 15mins) before serving
      It was yummy

    • thoughtsofcrys says

      I loove cevapcici… but I love the Romanian version, mici, even more! It’s on my list of things to learn to make 🙂

  2. Badland says

    Jealous. We had a day so determinedly secular it was chicken sandwiches for lunch and a great hairy meatastic barbecue for dinner.

    My family save our secular foodplosions for Christmas and Christmas only. For us Easter is….weird, y’know? Just a day on the calendar. But seeing your photos I know your food excuses are something I could learn to adopt

    • thoughtsofcrys says

      I love food holiday excuses! Since it’s all about the excuse and not about the tradition, we’ll often do themed Christmases, like let’s do Italian Christmas Eve! Let’s do American Christmas day! Let’s do Romanian New Year’s Eve! We’re probably going to do Orthodox Easter too this year, because why not 🙂

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