You’re going to need a bit more introduction than that…

Hello everyone

I figure the easiest way to kick-start a new blog is to get back to the basics: who am I, what do I do, and why am I here.

My (blog) name is Crys. I was born in the United States, but moved to Rome, Italy when I was three months old. I was raised by an American mother and an Italian father, which resulted in my being bilingual and not really being entirely from one country at all. When people used to ask me where I am from, I would say “Italian-American”, until I moved to Ireland, where everyone was drawing the faulty conclusion that I was from New Jersey. Since then, the conversation goes something like this:

Stranger: So, where are you from?

Me: I’m from Italy

Stranger: Really? But your English is perfect and you have an American accent! Where did you learn your English?

Me: Well really my Mom is American but I grew up in Italy but I went to international schools so I ended up being bilingual and blah blah blah…..

I moved to Ireland when I was 17 for college, and 5 years later I carried my brand spanking-new biology degree back to Italy, though this time to the North, to get my PhD in Genetics. Three years after that, I brought my brand spanking-new PhD degree to Germany, to start my first PostDoc. It is now almost two years since I have moved to Germany and, in case you are trying to follow that math, that makes me 28.

I have wanted to get back into blogging for a while since I have been here. I have an annoying habit of wanting to discuss things, to hash out ideas and get to the root of why we hold the opinions we do, what logic got us to that place, and whether or not it is solid, or due to cultural differences, or an unforeseen and unacknowledged prejudice. However, I often find myself in the company of people who would far rather that I just shut. up. And I get it, and I try very hard to not draw people into conversations when they would rather stare at their beers and chat about the weather, but at some point I need to bounce ideas off of other people, lest I lose myself in my own head completely.

And sometimes, I just want to share something funny or great or inspiring I found on the internet or saw or did with as many people as possible.

And what better place to do that than at FtB? You are not a captive audience but an engaged one, and will only enter the conversation if you want to. I am surrounded by fervent SJWs who don’t find discussions about ethics or politics or social issues boring at all, but rather could provide some excellent insights and different points of view. I am astounded, and humbled to be here, and I can’t wait to get properly started. My 13-hour work days aside, I will make the time to post here.



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