Oh dear, where to begin…

Wow! I’m already getting comments on the blog and I haven’t even jumped in properly yet. Thank you all for welcoming me here, and now I find myself wondering where to begin.

I have had so many topics floating around in my head, I am having a hard time finding the ways to organize them properly and start talking about, well, something at least. But what?

However, as I intimated before, I used to have a blog back in my PhD days. I have decided that I will repost some of them, editing them appropriately if they are dated, referring to old posts which are not on this network or if my opinions have changed slightly since I first wrote them. There will also be new content of course, and I will be clear which posts are coming from the old blog.

Also, I am always open to questions. If, going forward, any of you want to ask me about certain topics, please feel free to do so in the comments below, and I might very well make a post about them in future.

So, thanks for your patience! More to follow soon.

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