Humans are responsible for the extinction of the Thylacine

A new study says, Humans Alone Wiped Out Thylacine or Tasmanian Tiger.

We humans made many animals become extinct. Thylacine was one of them.


Thylacines looked like a cross between a hyena and a tiger. They had pouches like possums and tails like kangaroos. The Tasmanian government put bounties on dead thylacines in 1830, blaming them for attacks on sheep, paid £1 per head for dead adult thylacines and ten shillings for puppies. Actually many more thylacines were killed than were claimed for by farmers and bounty hunters. The reasons behind the thylacine’s extinction in the 20th century are bounty hunting, habitat loss,reduction in the thylacine’s prey due to human harvesting and competition from millions of introduced sheep.

I do not think we should bring thylacines back to life. They would die out anyway, because their jaws were weak and they had low genetic diversity. Tasmanian devil will soon be extinct by a contagious cancer . We should rather try to save endangered animals like Tiger, Polar Bear, Giant Panda, Chimpanzee, Amur Leopard, Elephant, Dolphin, Rhino, Tree Kangaroo, Bonobo, Whale, Orangutan, Gorilla, Marine Turtle. It is their planet too. We humans just share this planet with them. We do not have the right to wipe them out.