Video and tweets of a rapeapologist-misogynist-atheist

I have heard his name before. He is thunderf00t. Two zeros in his foot. A strange name though. I did not get time to listen to his arguments when he was fighting against PZ Myers and other Free Thought Boggers. I thought thunder had some kind of intellectual rivalry with FTBloggers but he was not that bad. But I probably was wrong. When Al posted thunderfoo– oops 00t’s new video about a week ago, I watched the video right away and I was shocked. I was really really shocked watching his video on rape. He blamed women for rape. He advised women to take precautions to avoid rape. He didn’t want to ask men to stop rape. I felt I was listening to a Muslim fanatic, not an atheist or a humanist. Does thunder want women to wear burqas, in order to protect themselves from being raped? It seems so. He also wants women not to get drunk, because that may bring rapes. Women have to give up their freedom if they want to be saved from their fellow humans! Wow! Now I realize why PZ dislikes him.

We teach people not to murder, not to rob. It works. It reduces murder and robbery rates. If we teach men not to rape, it would work too. But the problem is people like thunderf00t want to teach women how not to get raped, but do not want to teach men how not to rape. Whatever precautions women take, men will continue raping women if they are not taught to get rid of patriarchal misogyny.

I wrote, ‘thunderf00t is a rape apologist’. That made thunder crazy. He started abusing me and others whoever opposed him. He retweeted all the misogynistic tweets he received from his likeminded buddies. He called everyone whoever disagreed with him ‘rape apologist’. He has been crazy for days. I don’t know whether he gets well now.

I expect atheists to have good qualities because they I believe are the most intelligent and sane people on earth. I expect them to be nice, kind and honest. I expect them to believe in equality and justice. But when I see some of the atheists are misogynists, rapists, rape apologists, animal haters, murderers, war mongers, hypocrites, liars, exploiters, I feel sad. I really really feel very sad.