Is science a stupid-girl thing, European Commission?

In the beginning we did not allow girls to go to schools. We did not let them learn how to read and write. Then, after a long time, we allowed girls to go to schools because educated men desired to have sex with educated women. We did not allow educated girls to work outside because we wanted them to stay at home and take care of their children. We forced them to wear invisible chastity belts. Then, again after a period of time, we allowed girls to go outside to take jobs and earn money. But we allowed them to take certain kinds of jobs like nursing, like elementary teaching. Meanwhile we got so scared of feminist movement, we tried to crush that. Since then we have been telling girls they must not be feminists because boys hate feminists. We rather try everything to make the girls sex objects. We tell girls to become certain kinds of bodies because men desire certain kinds of bodies. We brainwash girls every day to buy stupid things and wear stupid things and become stupid things. We brainwash girls everyday to become nothing but a pair a lips or a pair of tits or a pair of high heels or a pair of funny sunglasses. We tell girls everyday and every hour that they have to think stupid, they have to speak stupid, they have to act stupid- only then they will be able to achieve their goals, they will look desirable, sexy. Girls have been forced to look sexy. Now girls want to be nothing but ‘sexy’.

We used to encourage boys to be scientists and girls to be prostitutes. But we soon have realized that girls can be clever, they are not just bodies and they can be other things than playthings for patriarchy. We now pay the price. We make a stupid video to attract stupid girls to choose careers in science. We have to make more and more this kind of offensive, insulting and disgusting videos, more pathetic trivialization of science, more sexist and demeaning videos, so that our sexy stupid girls can think a lab is a flirting zone and science means boiling hormones in tubes and bacteria culture plates are full of red lipsticks. The truth is most young girls today are either like video girls or they dream to be like video girls. We have to face the reality.

We are paying the price for putting our girls in the darkness for centuries. We now try to re-brainwash girls so that an interest in science can grow. We hope once they start studying science, their lifestyle will be changed. Their brains will start to think, their eyes will start to see, their ears will start to hear. They will not run after the wrong things we sell. They will fall in love with science and they will realize that science is the most sexiest smart thing in the universe. Stupid girls will turn clever girls.

Let’s hope for the ‘bright side of life’.