Manage your penis.

Suzanne Moore advised men to follow 10 rules to manage their penises. All 10 rules are important. But 3 rules are more important than other rules. If men are unable to follow other rules, they must follow these 3 rules.

2) Do not neglect your penis. I am talking hygiene. Women are subjected to pharmacy aisles full of fresheners, wipes and sprays that encourage us to believe that without them our genital area is just a smelly, slimy mess, but there is no equivalent for men. Surely there is a gap in the market for products to encourage men to stay boxfresh under their boxers. And if they must encase themselves so prominently in Lycra and skinny jeans in this weather … something has to be done. Urgently.

5) Do not ever put your penis into someone who does not want this. Do not ever fool yourself that they really do. Even if they are drunk. Or you are married to them. This is rape. It is not difficult to know the difference between someone who is consenting to penetration and someone who isn’t. There is never any excuse. Ever.

10) Do not mistake your penis for your brain. The silly idea that men possess wicked willies and can’t help acting on impulse is surely rather insulting? If Freud is right and all women suffer from penis envy then all I can say is if I had one I would love, cherish it and put it only where desired. Is that so much to ask?

I am inviting everyone to add more rules for men to manage their penises. I am adding 5 rules: 1. If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, you must inform about it to your would-be partner. Be brave. 2. Correct your erectile dysfunction with available drugs (e.g. Sildenafil) before having sex. Don’t show your dysfunction to your partner. It may inhibit her sexual desire for you. 3. Never lie to your girlfriend about the size of your penis. If your penis is 3 or 4 inches long, tell her that it is 3 or 4 inches long, do not tell her that ‘it is like 9 or 10 inches long.’ It is not good to be caught red-handed later. You should not be considered a liar only because you are embarrassed telling the truth about the size of your penis. 4. You must not insist a woman to suck your penis when you have no intention to give her oral sex. It is not good to make your penis selfish. A selfish penis may end up being a loser. 5.If you have multiple sex partners, you should have blood tests every now and then to see whether you have any sexually transmitted disease. You must not infect any one with your disease. Be clean.