Don’t let the fanatics win.

Islamic scholar Amina Wadud’s lecture has been cancelled in India.

Amina Wadud is called Islamic feminist. I personally do not think any devout Muslim can be a feminist. The reason for my doubt is, all religions including islam are anti-Women.

Amina Wadud is a veiled Muslim. She has been fighting for the right of Muslim women to become Imams. She made her dreams come true, she led some mixed-gender prayers.


It is not easy to do because Islam as one of the misogynistic religions is against female leadership. Amina Wadud has so far managed to play the role of Imam in some prayers though, but obviously fanatics haven’t appreciated it. They do not want to stand behind a woman. Why should they? Allah himself placed men above women. Accepting female leadership means ignoring Allah the almighty.

Islam says:

It is preferable for women to pray in congregation, led by another woman, because the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, told Umm Waraqah to lead the women of her household in Prayer. There is some difference among scholars on this matter. (See Al-Mughni, 2/202 and Al-Majmu`, 4/84-85) The woman leading the Prayer should read aloud as long as no non-mahram man can hear her. It is permissible for women to go out and pray in the mosque with men, although their Prayer at home is better, because the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said: “Do not prevent the women from going out to the mosques, even though their homes are better for them.”

Imam An-Nawawi, may Allah have mercy on him, said: “Women differ from men in congregational Prayer in some ways:

a) Congregational Prayer is not required of them in the same way as it is of men.

b) In case a woman leads a group of women in Prayer, she stands in the middle of the (first) row.

c) If one woman led by a man, she should stand behind him, not next to him.

d) If women are praying in rows behind men, the back rows are better for them than the front rows.” (Al-Majmu`, 3/455)

Nothing fails like prayers. If women lead Muslim prayers, Islam will not turn from misogynistic to egalitarian religion, or the fiction will not be facts. It will remain as unscientific, unequal, unethical, inhuman as it is today. But still Amina Wadud’s right to express her opinions on female leading Islamic prayers should not be violated. But her right has been violated only because some Muslim fanatics who believe in the acts of violence and no free speech do not want her speak.

Amina Wadud is not alone. Other freethinkers are also not allowed to speak their mind. I have been prevented to live in West Bengal only because some fanatics might get unhappy if I do. Once the authority fulfills their weird wishes to shut one’s mouth, they believe they have now the right to continue shutting others’ mouths. And it becomes a trend.

If you love your country and people, please don’t let the religious fanatics to go unopposed. If you want well-being of humanity, you will not let the fanatics win.