‘Cardinal Sin’

After Pope’s mysterious resignation, Candinal O’Brien resigned and acknowledged having engaged in unspecified sexual misbehavior and promised to play “no further part” in the public life of the church. Isn’t it cool? Now, more cardinals,bishops, archbishops, deacons, priests should resign for their lies and crimes. Time for catholicism to become extinct.

The Cardinal regrets for having sexual relationships. I regret for not having enough sexual relationships. I envy him. It’s alright if he had consensual sex. But I wonder, did he fuck little children? Then he should go fuck himself now.

He condemned homosexuality as immoral, opposed gay adoption and argued that ‘same-sex marriages are harmful to the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of those involved’. Oh My Goosebumps! He was a hypocrite!

Most of the people involved in god’s business are hypocrites. I sometimes think priests, imams, rabbis do not believe that god exists. But they make people fool. It’s their job. They are just hypocrite atheists!