Calicut university is an institution of nonsense patriarchy!

The University of Calicut invites nominations for the Golden Mother Award, 2013.

They claim,

The objective of the programme is to highlight the contribution of mothers to societal development and nation building and to provide exemplary models to the youngsters.

The university is glorifying motherhood.

The University of Calicut is honoring with prizes, women who have secured superior achievements in diverse walks of life and have, alongside, fulfilled the responsibilities of motherhood in an exemplary fashion. Those who have made strides in areas such as social work, politics, government, sports, agriculture, industrial entrepreneurship, engineering, medicine, literature, art, research, law, police, banking, teaching at different levels will be considered for the Golden Mother Award. Individuals may nominate themselves or be nominated by others. The application form is available on the University website (

Details of achievements in different sectors, challenges faced, and awards won must provided. The Vice Chancellor Dr M. Abdulsalam said that the institution of the Golden Mother Award was rooted in the fact that a virtuous society can be created only through virtuous mothers. Applications may be sent to The Director,Centre for Women’s Studies, Calicut University PO 673635, before 15 November. (relevant phone numbers) PR2212/13.

Universities are supposed to enlighten students, but by creating golden mother award, it seems one of the universities is dragging its students towards the dark ages.

They must stop glorifying motherhood. Educated, independent and intelligent women might not like to marry and have kids. Let women take total control of their own bodies. Let women decide what they want to do with their wombs. It does not need a brain to be a mother. It just needs sexual intercourse. Patriarchal society is making women’s life hell by forcing them to marry and be submissive, to be a child bearing machine, a sex object and a slave of men.

Mothering is a misogynistic term, it should be ‘parenting’. By giving importance to mothering, you ignore the roles of fathers. Parenting makes easier for a working mother and father to balance work and family. It needs a partnership that rejects traditional patriarchal models of motherhood. When the world is talking about planned parenthood, Calicut university is stuck with motherhood.

It’s not a university’s responsibility to encourage women to become mothers. University should encourage women to become dignified personalities, independent and respected human beings. It is totally women’s personal matter whether they want to reproduce. Like a conservative patriarchal guardian Calicut university crossed the university boundary and entered women’s private bedrooms. It is alarming.