We do not need a male to get pregnant.

Virgin Mary story is a myth. But virgin-snake-mom story is real. Pit vipers reproduced without a male.

We know that only captive species can reproduce. The process is called facultative Parthenogenesis. Parthenogenesis is a process in which the females produce eggs that can develop without fertilization. Recently captive domestic chicken, pythons, sharks, komodo dragons, lizards, and birds reproduced with no sex involved. It can happen in aphids, bees and ants. It is extremely rare that a normally sexual vertebrate reproduce asexually. Now that virgin births have been discovered in wild vertebrates, we can assume reproducing without the need for a male may not be so rare in the animal kingdom. Offspring only have their mother’s genetic material; no male contribution is required. It is amazing to see sexual vertebrates switched from sexual to asexual reproduction.

Kaguya the mouse does not have a father. Kaguya has two parents of the same sex. Cells were used from two different female mice and combined them to make a single unique animal, there was no problem of genomic imprinting. Not only a mouse, a female shark got pregnant on her own, no male was required.

Humans are mammals and sexual vertebrates. Will human females be able to reproduce with no male or no sex? Parthenogenetic reproduction can happen in human females. But do we have to produce only females because we do not have Y choromosome? Not necessarily if someone is a genetic mosaic whose body is built of a mixture of cells of two or more different genotypes! Yes, then we may even reproduce a male without a male.